• Employer Requirements
  • BIM Execution Plans
  • Asset Data Requirements
  • Common Data Environments
  • Systems & Data Integration
  • Bid Support, Sales & Marketing
Strategy & Execution
We will work with you and other project stakeholders to resolve any identified gaps or improvement areas.

Your existing Digital Strategies, Employer Requirements and Execution Plans will be reviewed to ensure the detail is right and nothing gets missed. We will work with you and other project stakeholders to resolve any identified gaps or improvement areas.

We can then provide updated documentation, carefully designed and formatted to be easy to interpret, easy to follow, and easy to procure. As a result, you are assured high quality digital services, timely implementation, and the very best results.

On request, Augmentum will assess the names of files in your project CDE, to identify any inconsistencies and non-compliance against the Project Execution Plan.

  • Model Templates
  • Classification & Asset Data Entry
  • Model Collaboration Methods
  • Managing Model Resolution
  • Model Sharing Protocols
  • Multi-Disciplinary Integration
  • Online Guidance & Resources
Model Setup & Support
We offer processes and hands-on technical support that can enhance any organisation, project or individual in a digital space.

We work with Design Teams, whether they are Consultants and / or Specialists, to help them get their models set up consistently and accurately. As a result, we generate a collaborative model environment from the onset and avoiding early model and data integration issues.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to model delivery and the level of one-to-one support we offer model contributors. Your team will receive collaborative on-site workshops, additional online support from a member of Augmentum staff, and access to Augmentums online technical resources and workflow instructions.

Augmentum use open standards such as IFC and BCF to enable maximum supply chain integration. All our setup and support services help the team to integrate and produce data that is fit for Augmentums bespoke technical assessment process. This brings speed and quality to your project.

  • 'Inherited' Model Assessments
  • Clash Assessments
  • Level of Detail Assessments
  • Space & Room Integrity Assessments
  • Coordination Reviews
  • Model Change Reviews
  • Model Issue Resolution Workshops
Model Quality Assurance
We will work with your team from the onset to efficiently setup & deliver a high-quality model that meets your needs.

As soon as we are appointed we will take receipt of the models that have been produced for your scheme and run a “Current State” analysis of their contents. Here we will identify the actual level of model development against planned project requirements at that point in time. We will then move forward with periodic assessments of model spaces and components in line with the agreed model review cycle. 

We will identify quality issues associated with each designers content, and coordination conflicts between different designers models.  We will work with the project team to ensure all parties are aware of required amendments and that resolutions are attained within required timescales.

Augmentum can also provide feedback regarding geometric changes performed to models during the course of each RIBA Stage, if requested by the project team.

  • 'Inherited' Data Assessments
  • Design Data Review 
  • Supplier/Installer Data Integration 
  • Data Exports & Exchanges (COBie)
  • CAFM System Mapping & Integration
Asset Information Modelling
We offer processes and we can define, asses & deliver verified asset data from your supply chain.

Once Model Setup workshops have been conducted and data export settings are in place with the design team, Augmentum can conduct a “current state” review of any asset data provided, against the agreed requirements in the Project Execution Plan. Augmentum will assess the data in a COBie format, verifying whether required data is present, and also identifying any potential errors.

We will communicate data issues for resolution and integrate them with other model quality and coordination issues, periodically in line with the agreed model review cycle for the project. COBie UK 2012 Exports will also be provided from the designers models for RIBA stages 3 and 4.

Setup of Stage 5 Supplier / Installer Data Capture platforms is also provided, and data inconsistencies raised with the project team. Augmentum will help support any consultations with the end user, to ensure as constructed data is mapped to their CAFM systems.

  • Scanning- Drones, Point Cloud
  • Model Extrusions
  • 2D Drawing to 3D Model conversion
  • Photogrammetry
  • Asset Tagging
Digital Scanning
We offer processes and technical support that can enhance any organisation, project or individual in a digital space using our tailor-made delivery process.

Augmentum will convert drone scans to point cloud and provide outline model extrusions to assist the early stages of the design process, rapidly bringing Concept Designs into a 3D modelling environment with +/- 100mm accuracy.

We will convert photogrammetry into point clouds, and / or extrude point cloud files into useable geometry to capture the real environment and carry the design process forward.

We also use cutting edge technology to capture existing “as constructed” environments in a photorealistic, interactive 3D space, where asset data and maintenance documentation can be applied to equipment and viewed by maintenance personnel.

We also provide site level construction progress monitoring for reference purposes and time lapse documentaries.

  • Photo-realistic 3D Model Views
  • Model Fly-Through Videos
  • Interactive Game Files
  • Interactive PDF's
  • Interactive 360 Panoramic Views
  • Immersive Reality Design, Construction and Operational Environments
We can transform your design or operational environment into a highly visual and immersive state to support communications and safety strategies.

During the project, visual information is provided to assist communication and stakeholder engagements. Augmentum will generate photorealistic views of the virtual asset to assist with public and end user consultations. On request we will wrap these images into interactive project proposals and documents along with immersive panoramic views that allow readers to explore the design intent.

Augmentum provides opportunities to make live changes to photorealistic 3D designs, to help secure certainty and achieve design freezes with confidence.

Our visualisation files can be used with games consoles to allow individuals the freedom to explore aspects of the building, with the additional option to immerse themselves in the virtual environment using immersive reality headgear if required.

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